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    #Halocase - LED Light Selfie Case for iPhone 6/6s

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    We all know that good lighting is the trick to the perfect Selfie. #Halocase features warm, bright LED lights at the front of the iPhone cover giving you a flawless glow. The LED lights are also adjustable so you can brighten or dim the lights to suit your surroundings. Use at night, low-lit or darkened rooms, so you can take that perfect pic of sleeping baby and not wake them with a bright flash! Resembling a mini vanity mirror its also handy for touching up your make-up! So whether you want better lighting for face-time or Skype calls, touch-up your lippy or take that perfect Selfie, then the #HALOCASE is for you!


    Fits iPhone 6/6s

    Light up any scene or selfie. #Halocase adds a warm natural glow to your face when taking photos under fluorescent or artificial lights.

    Evens out unflattering shadows that cast over your face.

    Easy to use, on/off switch

    Dimmer function allows you to adjust intensity of the lights.

    #Halocase really shines when taking selfies at night or in low lit or completely dark surroundings.

    Recommended for Selfies, FaceTime, Skype, Make-up light and all Social Media apps

    Double tap for flashing emergency beacon style.

    Micro USB charging cord included.

    Long lasting battery. No drainage to iPhone battery

    Tough impact resistant plastic, keeping your iPhone safe

    Available in 2 colours :- Black or White


    1 x #Halocase - LED Light Selfie Case for iPhone 6/6s

    #Halocase - LED Light Selfie Case for iPhone 6/6s