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    Wine, Beer & Spirits

    Wine, Beer & Spirits

    Wine, Beer & Spirits

    Enjoying a good glass of wine or a nip of malt whiskey at the end of a big day is one of life’s pleasures. We have a range of innovative gifts which any lover of wine, or the finer things in life will love!

    Simply Wholesale have access to great wine accessories, such as aerators, which take away the tannins and make a red smooth as silk without waiting for it to breathe. We also offer whiskey stones, which keep your tipple cold, without watering it down.

    We also have a great gift range of glassware, treats to enjoy with your drink and even alcohol testers to make sure you haven’t indulged before you get behind the wheel.

    For the wine connoisseur, whiskey taster or that ‘hard to buy for person’ Simple Wholesale have just the gifts you need!