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    10pcs Makeup Brush Set

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    This professional brush kit includes five short brushes and five long brushes.

    Our brush kit is dedicatedly designed for effective and professional makeup.

    Our brush fibers come with perfect touch feeling, are specially designed for perfect powder, cream and liquid stuffs application.


    Short brushes

    Coned Short: For hard to reach place, cream and liquid foundations application.

    Round Short: For blending mineral stuffs.

    Angled Short: For buff cream blush and bronzer.

    Flat Short: For forehead and other flat areas like cheeks, liquid or cream stuffs application.

    Flat Angled Short: For hard to reach corner, effectively and seamlessly foundation blending. Flat angled can fit every contour

    Long brushes

    Coned Long: For hard to reach places around eyes, nose and chin, concealer application

    Round Long: For eye shadow base and primer application.

    Flat Long: For applying concealer on smudges, sun spots

    Flat Angled Long: For all places on your face, precise concealer application. Especially effective around eyes, nose

    Angled Long: For nose side and cheeks hollows, product application.


    Brand: MAANGE

    Material: Nylon fiber and wooden handle

    Colour: Black

    Short brush length: 17cm

    Short brush handle diameter: 1.5cm

    Long brush length: 17.5cm

    Long brush handle diameter: 1cm


    1x 10pcs Makeup Brush Set

    10pcs Makeup Brush Set