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    1100w Submersible Dirty Water Pump - Stainless Steel

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    This pump is designed for private use around the house and garden. This is also predominantly used for drainage after flooding, transfer of liquids, draining containers, taking water from wells to shafts, draining boats and yachts as well as rainwater tanks.

    The pump is made of stainless steel and water proof sealed. It can be fully submersible submerged down to a depth of 8m into the liquid. The Pump is also suitable for a wide range of hose connection. The universal fitting or connector allows connection of pipe or hose size at 25mm, 32mm or 38mm. The pump can also handle dirty grey water with up to 35mm soft particle, eg leaves, as well as clean water.

    The Pump is also equipped with the float switch adjustment system. The built in float switch can automatically switch the pump on and off with the range from 7cm to 53cm. The cut-in or cut-out height can be adjusted individually by fixing the float switch at different level.


    This pump is not designed for continuous operation (e.g. continuous circulating operation); the pumps life will be shortened correspondingly by such operation.


    Fully submersible

    Float switch - automatically cutting pump off when water level has dropped (from 7cm to 53cm)

    Thermal overload protection

    Stainless steel body including strainer base

    Suitable for both clean and dirty water

    Suitable for hose or direct pipe connection

    10m long power cable

    Rated power: 1100W

    Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz

    Maximum pump rate: 15500L per hour

    Maximum pressure: 0.95 bar

    Maximum delivery height: 11m

    Maximum submersion depth: 8m

    Maximum grain or particle Size: 35mm

    Maximum temperature of water handled: 35 Degree Celsius

    Minimum water level for operation: 7cm

    Power cable: 10m

    Discharge outlet 25mm, 32mm, 38mm (Universal Connector Included)

    Product size: 16.5 (Diameter) x 40 (Height) cm

    Weight: 7.5kg

    CE, EMC, GS & TUV Approved


    1 x 1100w Submersible Dirty Water Pump - Stainless Steel

    1 x User Manual

    1100w Submersible Dirty Water Pump - Stainless Steel