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    1200LPH Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Water Filter w/ UV Bulb

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    The quality of water is very essential to the sea habitat and you do not want your fish to live in unpleasant water. It will be ridiculous if you will have to scoop the dirt out since it will take you forever and some of them may not even be visible. This advanced External Canister Aquarium Filter is your ultimate solution to keep your water spotlessly clean and give your fish the best quality of water.

    The External Canister Filter features all-round superior capability including mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. Sitting on the rim of the aquarium, the intake tube draws water into the filter and follows a circuitous path with deep thorough filtering power before being expelled at the outtake valve to return to the tank. With the cutting-edge technology including the quick release tap system and a UV sterilizer, the water flow distributes evenly throughout the filter media to fully utilized the filter volume, and supporting the effective filter media to be used efficiently.

    The overall design of the Aquarium Filter is not only stylish but durable and robust guaranteeing you peace of mind. Place your order today to experience the incredible filtration capabilities.

    Note: Filter media is not included with this purchase to description


    Aquarium External Canister Filter

    Astonishing All-round Capabilities: Mechanical, Biological and Chemical

    Deep Thorough Filtering Power

    Even Water Flow Distribution

    Quick Release Tap System

    Reduces harmful bacteria

    Controls algae growth

    Suitable for both fresh and marine water

    Equipped with powerful UV tube

    SAA Plug


    Voltage: 240V

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Power: 25W

    UV Power: 7W

    Output: 1200LPH

    Cable length: 145cm

    Dimension: 18 x 18 x 39cm

    Weight: 4.7kg


    1 x 1200LPH Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Water Filter w/ UV Bulb

    1 x User Manual

    1200LPH Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Water Filter w/ UV Bulb