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    13 Piece Kinetic Fitness Resistance Set

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    Our 13-Piece Leg Resistance Exercise Bands Set has everything you need for a terrific workout that will work every part of your legs, from thighs to calves. It's a great alternative to free weights, and you can mix and match a variety of colour-coded resistance bands to get just the right workout for you.

    You'll receive a full 13 pieces, including a pair each of coloured resistance bands ranging from Extra Light Yellow (2.3 kg) to Extra Heavy Black (18.1 kg). You'll also receive 2 high-quality leg straps, with thick padding for comfort, and a handy waterproof travel pouch for carrying the entire set on the go.

    The exercise bands are made from a highly durable latex material, with carabiner hooks made from stainless steel. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey or whether you're a seasoned athlete, this set will have something for everyone.

    Work your legs in an effective, efficient, and affordable way. Buy the 13-Piece Leg Resistance Exercise Bands Set today.


    2 x Extra Light Resistance Bands (Yellow) - 2.3 kg

    2 x Light Resistance Bands (Blue) - 4.5 kg

    2 x Medium Resistance Bands (Red) - 9.1 kg

    2 x Heavy Resistance Bands (Green) - 13.6 kg

    2 x Extra Heavy Resistance Bands (Black) - 18.1 kg

    2 x one-size-fits-all leg straps with comfort padding

    1 x Waterproof travel pouch fits all pieces

    High-quality latex construction

    Stainless steel carabiner hooks


    1 x 13 Piece Kinetic Fitness Resistance Set

    13 Piece Kinetic Fitness Resistance Set