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    2x/5x 7" Monitor for Rear View Camera

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    This high-resolution 7" TFT LCD monitor can be a display for VCD / DVD / GPS / games via the two video inputs. When the LCD monitor is powered off, it is just like a normal rear view mirror. It is quite easy to install, you can just clip it onto the original rear view mirror, suitable for variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and tailers.

    Parking rear view priority: the monitor will start up automatically, scenes will cut to rear view camera automatically while you're backing the car and change back to the original scene after that.

    Car Rear View Monitor helps in preventing accidents while driving in reverse, avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians, toys and pets while backing out of the driveway or parking space.


    Low Power Consumption.

    Video:2 Way Video Input(V1/V2 Selecting)

    Full Color LED Backlight Display.

    Delicate Design, Stable Performance, Clear Picture and Excellent Color Effect.

    Anti-Glare Blue Mirror to Make Safer Driving

    Operate Mode: Touch Screen and Remote Control

    Car Reversing Back Sight Surveillance

    Blue Screen When No Video Signal

    Available for VCD/DVD/GPS/Car Reverse Camera

    PAL Auto Switch


    Set of 2 or 5 of:

    7" LCD Car Rearview Monitor

    Power Cable

    Remote Control

    User Manual

    2x/5x 7" Monitor for Rear View Camera