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    3 Bar Leg Stretcher

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    Get the maximum workout with the challenge of our three-bar metal leg stretcher!

    No matter what you hope to achieve in your workout – higher and stronger kicks in your martial arts training or more agility in your dance moves – our leg stretcher will help you meet your goals. Our strong and sturdy three-bar metal stretcher is a high quality machine that is constructed from high-grade metal for durability and with soft-padding on direct contact areas for safety and comfort.

    The two outer bars of the leg stretcher are 104cm in length with the central “pull” handle 71cm in length. The machine is adjustable to individual sizes and for varying leg lengths as your strength increases.

    Beginners can start with exercises that loosen up the leg muscles before and after stretching. A ten minute routine every other day can be increased to a more challenging routine with escalated time and added pressure. By placing the left-hand bar on your left ankle and the right-hand bar on your right ankle and pulling on the central handle, you can control the degree of push-back on your legs. The machine can be adjusted to accommodate more challenging repetitions as your training program progresses.

    Enjoy enhanced flexibility and improved strength! Order one of our three-bar leg stretching machines today.


    High-strength metal construction

    Padding for safety and comfort

    Adjustable for individual size

    Length: 204cm

    Pull handle length: 71cm


    1 x 3 Bar Leg Stretcher

    3 Bar Leg Stretcher