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    3metre Charger Cable Pack

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    One thing Steve Jobs didn’t invent was an Apple charger cord, which was long enough! We have all experienced stretching to look at your iPhone while its charging or getting whiplash as you pick up your phone while its on charge.

    In the past, charging an Apple device has generally meant putting up with limited use, but that is no longer the case thanks to the arrival of this 3metre length i-technology Apple charger cord

    Compatible with all generations of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices, this extension cable gives you that little extra room to surf, buy, listen to music or take a call when your device needs a charge.

    Just use as you would your normal Apply charger and can also be used using a USB port.

    Great idea for use around the house and a great gift for any Apple user!


    Three-metres in length

    Connect to plug-in power adapter or USB port to charge (USB plug not included)

    Compatible with iPhone 3/4/4S, iPad 1/2/3, iPod 4

    Comes in standard Apple white to match products


    1 x 3metre Charger Cable Pack

    3metre Charger Cable Pack