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    48pcs Acrylic Powder Liquid Nail Art Care Kit Brush Clipper Tips

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    This nail art kit is the perfect DIY accessory for you to build beautiful nails.


    Acrylic powder creates fantastic crystal effect

    UV gel creates a protective layer, strengthen your own natural nails or false nails

    Acrylic liquid used together with acrylic powder to create fantastic nail design

    Acrylic mold for 3D nail art decoration, very easy to DIY your beautiful nail

    Nail forms have right amount of stiffness to create beautiful C Curve

    Cuticle revitalizer oil keeps the cuticles soft and healthy to prevent ripping and tearing

    Nail dual-cup can simultaneously placed crystal fluid, wash pen water and other liquids

    Nail sanding file is to buff and shape up uneven nail surface before UV gel and acrylic application

    10 different sizes french tips can add nail art decorations on the nails and design your own style and pattern

    Buffer block for filling nail extensions, acrylic nails, false nail tips, natural nails

    Nail art wood stick remover is used to gently push back the cuticle, clean dirt under the nail bed, apply nail enhancements

    Nail art practice finger with adhesive foam at the bottom is perfect for nail art training

    Toe finger separator is an Ideal tool for separating fingers or toes while performing any nail art.

    Great value combo pack for any nail artist to start doing acrylic nail art at home or inside a studio/ salon


    1. Disinfect your hand

    2. Remove the remained polish with polish remover or alcohol

    3. Sand your nail and clean it with nail brush

    4. Exfoliate the dead skin of your finger

    5. Choose the French tip

    6. Apply the glue to tips and press them slightly on your nail

    7. Use the nail art clipper to cut the tips into certain shape to perfectly fit your nails

    8. Pour the acrylic liquid into dappen dish, use nail art pen to dap some acrylic powder and then dap it into acrylic liquid, then apply them onto your nail

    9. Sand your nail

    10. Clean your nail and wear the cuticle revitalizer oil on

    11. Polish your nail

    12. Paint nail polish


    1 x Acrylic Powder Clear

    1 x Acrylic Liquid 120ml

    1 x Small Nail Cleaning Brush

    3 x Nail Glues

    1 x UV Gel Clear

    1 x Curved Tweezer + 1 x Straight Tweezer

    1 x Cuticle Revitalizer Oil

    1 x Buffer Block

    1 x Nail File

    1 x Cuticle Nippers

    1 x Nail Sanding File

    1 x Sheepskin Brush For Waxing

    1 x 500PCS French Tips (White)

    1 x 48PCS French Tips Guides

    1 x Nail Art Spray Bottle

    1 x Nail Liquid Pressing Dispenser

    1 x Nail Dual-Cup

    1 x Clear Glass Dappen Dish

    1 x 15PCS Nail Art Wood Stick Remover

    1 x Toe Finger Separator

    1 x 3D Letter Acrylic Mold

    1 x 5PCS Nail Dotting Pen

    1 x 50pcs Nail Guide Sticker Forms

    1 x Nail Art Practice Finger

    1 x 5pcs acrylic brushes ( #2/#4/#6/#8/#10)

    1 x 12 Colors of Semicircle Nail Art Ball Beards

    1 x 12 Colors of Acrylic Rhinestones

    1 x 12 Colors of Hexagon Glitter

    1 x 12 Colors Acrylic Powder

    1 x 12 Colors of Fine Glitter

    1 x 12 Colors of Lace Stipes Glitter

    48pcs Acrylic Powder Liquid Nail Art Care Kit Brush Clipper Tips