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    Ab Back Crunch Abdominal Machine

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    Ab Crunch Machine (Seated position)

    Our new AB Crunch Machine is compact and effective. It is designed for the home gym but is strong enough to use at the gym. The Ab Crunch Machine features heavy-duty, construction and high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop upholstery. The Ab Crunch Machine is built to take the punishment of the most rigorous of workouts. With its "Class A" rating, the Ab & Back Machine comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. It is unmatched in its class. The AB Crunch Machine will give you the solid and intense workout you want and will withstand the pounding of your workout regimen for many years to come!

    The Ab Crunch Machine will help you reach your fitness goals and build your core ab and back strength. Its design allows you to enjoy a huge range of exercises including ab and back workouts as well as back rehab exercises! A fit and strong body starts at the core. Our Ab Crunch Machine helps you build that core strength, including ripped abs and powerful back muscles. The Ab Crunch Machine will work your upper and middle abs in multiple crunch positions as well as your upper, mid and lower back.


    Allows for the best abdominal and high, mid and lower back exercises to build a rock solid physique!

    Quality padding provides comfort and safety

    Heavy duty steel construction

    Rotary range of motion adjustments allows start positions to fit every body type

    Adjustable seat height and foot bracing for comfortable body alignment throughout your workout

    Easy adjustment provided by pull pin allows easy adjustment for a full range of exercises from abdominal to back

    Full-body workout provided by the strongest and most versatile ab and back machines on the market

    Quick and easy adjustments

    Non-Slip feet affords a safe and stable workout

    Built to last - high quality heavy-gauge steel design that supports even the most rigorous of workouts

    High density foam padding - strong and durable; high density gym quality foam padding adds comfort and safety

    Commercial grade upholstery has a rip-stop feature

    Environmentally friendly powder coating

    Sewn seats enhance comfort and allows for long-lasting use

    Assembly required

    Weight Rating: 275kg

    Weight: 34.4kg

    NOTE: Weight Plates are NOT included


    1 x Ab Back Crunch Abdominal Machine

    Ab Back Crunch Abdominal Machine