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    Above In Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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    The new automatic pool cleaner come with 10m of hose saves you all the hassle of spending hours cleaning your pool. It can be installed in minutes without tools and it cleans the pool bottoms and walls thoroughly. The cleaner requires a pump of minimum 3/4 hp (or with a minimum flow of 1600ga/h) to function properly. It is automatic and works when your pool pump works, using your pool's existing filtration system.

    The cleaner automatically removes dirt, debris, bugs, and leaves to keep your in-ground or above-ground pool clean all year round. It works on pool floor area as well as climbing pool walls. Finned Disc ensures maximum adhesion on all pool finishes.Anti-stick design provides optimal pool coverage. The unique rotation foot offers random pattern coverage that cleans the entire pool perfectly without missing any spots.

    By turning the knob of the speed regulator, you are free to adjust the suction power of the cleaner.

    The operation of the pool pump causes the tubing inside the hose to inflate and deflate. When the pump is switched on, the tubing sucks air into itself through the hose and float causing the hose to float. Thus, the pool cleaner is obstruction-free by sinking the hose when it is not in use.


    Automatic pool cleaning system

    Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools (but not with splash pools)

    Powered by your existing filtration system - a pump of minimum 3/4 hp (or with a minimum flow of 1600ga/h)

    Automatic regulator valve sets the ideal suction for peak performance

    Speed regulator to adjust suction power

    Anti-stick design

    Unique rotation foot

    Hose length: 10m

    Easy installation without tools

    Assembly less than 15mins

    May not be suitable for some pebble pools


    1 x Above In Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

    1 x 10m Hose

    1 x Instruction Guide

    Above In Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner