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    Ajazz Dark Knight LED Keyboard w/ 6 Button USB Gaming Mouse Set

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    5 star waterproof USB gaming keyboard. 7 backlight colour changeable, 19 Anti-ghosting key, 12 set multi-media key, 3 level Hit rate, 4 brightness adjust mode and 10 minutes Intelligent sleep.

    Gaming mouse built-in 4 DPI level free adjustable, 6 button, 7 LED Backlight.

    Compatible with Win XP, Win vista, Win7 32, Win7 64, Win8 32, Win8 64 and MAC.

    FN + W: Switch between WSAD and Up/Down/Left/Right direction key.

    The Dark Knight Professional Gaming Mouse Pad built-in extra-large size, flexible and perfect for hands with special pattern.

    The surface is a very tightly woven cloth that feels soft and smooth to the touch.

    Perfect large size mouse pad for working on almost anything.

    LED Color & Luminous Characters: 7 LED color-Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Lake blue and white color backlight keyboard and luminous character. Wizard in the night! X-shaped Ergonomic Design, suitable for hands perfectly.

    LED Backlit adjust: FN + Tab(Lightless - Red - Purple - Blue - Green - Yellow - Lake blue - White)

    Brightness Adjust: FN + ESC(Moderate light - Highlight - Breather light - Off)

    3 Hit Rate Adjust

    FN + F1(repetition rate: 21characters /s, delay: 800MS )

    FN + F2(repetition rate: 30characters /s, delay: 600MS )

    FN +F3(repetition rate: 62characters /s, delay: 400MS)

    19 Anti-ghosting Key: Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, B, Space, (UP), (Down), (Left), (Right), Tab, Alt-L/V, Ctrl-L/F, Shift-L FN + W: Switch between WSAD and Up/Down/Left/Right direction key.

    10 minutes intelligent sleep: Keyboard will go to sleep intelligently without using over 10 minutes. Just press any key to wake up.

    Plug and Play: No additional software or driver installation is needed.

    DPI On-the-Fly: Conveniently placed under the scroll wheel, you can swap between DPI resolutions (800/1200/1600/2400) for maximum control.

    Forward and Backward Button: Enjoy quick browsing of your favourite webpages or surfing throughout documents via the back and forward buttons, located conveniently under your thumb.


    Type: Keyboard & Mouse Combos

    Connection: USB

    Battery Included: No

    Compatibility: IOS/Mac OS/Android OS/Windows

    Color: Black


    Mouse Features: Luminous/Gaming/Novelty

    Mouse DPI: 2400

    Mouse Cable Length (cm): 140

    Mouse Dimensions (cm): 12 x 7.5 x 3.5

    Mouse Weight (kg): 0.118


    Keyboard Features: Waterproof/Luminous

    Keyboard Cable Length (cm):170

    Keyboard Dimensions (cm): 46 x 19 x 3

    Keyboard Weight (kg): 0.782


    Mousepad Features: Fashion, Large Size, Gaming

    Mousepad Dimensions (cm): 42 x 25 x 0.2

    Mousepad Weight (kg): 0.190


    1 x Keyboard

    1 x Gaming Mouse

    1 x Mouse Pad Set

    Ajazz Dark Knight LED Keyboard w/ 6 Button USB Gaming Mouse Set