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    Apple Dock Connector to HDMI Cable

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    With this Apple Dock to HDMI Cable adapter, you can now plug your Apple iPhone 4 / 4S or iPad 1 or 2 into this 20cm adaptor cable for movies and selected apps/games on your big screen!

    This handy Apple Dock to HDMI Cable lets you mirror ALL content from your iPad or iPhone 4 to your HDTV or HDMI-Compatible display in resolutions up to 1080p. The new iPad 2 and iPhone 4S support video output in 1080p (720p for Movie playback), while iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation) can output up to 720p resolutions.


    Apple Digital AV Adapter for HDMI Audio & Video output

    Please note that the iPod Shuffle does not use this type of cable

    This is a 3rd party Apple accessory.

    Colour: White with Nickle Silver Connectors

    Requires a standard male to male HDMI cable (Not included)

    Now compatible with iOS8

    Main Product Size: 45mm*45mm*17mm(L*W*H)

    Cable length: 20cm

    Item Weight: 30g

    Compatible with the following Apple products:

    Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation)

    Apple iPhone 4

    Apple iPhone 4S

    Apple iPad

    Apple iPad 2

    The new Apple iPad (iPad 3)

    Supports up to iOS 8

    Please note that this device will not work with the smaller connector featured on Apple's latest products (the 8-pin Lightning connector). These products include iPod Touch (5th Gen), The New iPad (4th Gen), The iPhone 5 or any iProduct newer than these.


    1x Apple Dock Connector to HDMI Cable

    Apple Dock Connector to HDMI Cable