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    Arm Slimming Socks

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    Do you shy away from sleeveless shirts and dresses because you're self-conscious about your arms and arm fat?

    These arm slimming socks can help reduce those "Bingo Wings" and tone up those arms by improving blood circulation and burning up calories. The arm slimming socks are designed to slim down and tone up those annoying flabby upper arms that don't go away easily. 

Look and feel good next summer and have the confidence to wear short sleeve shirts and dresses!

    No exercise required! Just slip the arm slimming socks on and let them do the work!


    Regular usage of the bands reduces hypodermic fats

    Comfortable and durable material: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex

    Comfortable and durable material- One size fits most

    Recommended Usage: Wear the arm bands as you go about your normal activity. Frequency: 4~6 hours daily (not whilst sleeping).

Size: 18cm x 8cm x 0.2cm

    Weight: 0.03 Kg


    2 x Arm Slimming Socks

    Arm Slimming Socks