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    Armaggeddon Mouse AlienCraft G13 2.4G Wireless C.Red

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    Excellent CPI: Its 5600 CPI laser sensor runs on a powerful engine to provide unrivalled sensitivity and surface detection. Users can also adjust the sensitivity on-the-fly from as low as 100 CPI.

    Dual Mode: Unleash the ultimate gaming monster with its dedicated 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection, or chain it down for a quick charge using a standard mini USB cable.

    1050mA Lithium Ion battery: Powerful Li-Ion battery keeps the G13 running for up to 6 hours of intensive gaming on a single charge.

    On-board memory: Dedicated macro memory allows users to transport their macro profiles and settings without reconfiguring the mouse, enabling swift plug-and-play action.

    Up to 55 different macros: 11 Macro-able buttons and 5 macro profiles with a dedicated 64kB on-board memory gives the G13 unrivalled customization. Program your macros to fit different characters or for multiple games.

    The AlienCraft II G13 storms into the frontlines with an impressive 5600 CPI and a dedicated 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection. Powered by a rechargeable 1050mA Li-ion battery, the wireless G13 delivers seamless movement untethered by its data cable. An LED indicator alerts users to its current battery life, and recharging is as easy as plugging in the USB cable, converting it into a wired gaming monster.

    The G13 comes with 11 Macro-abled buttons and scrolls, and 5 macro profiles to satisfy the need for customization and efficiency. Program each button with unique actions or a series of keystrokes using our very own ARMacro program, and take charge of the battle with improved reflexes with up to 55 individual macros.

    For the tech-savvy users, the G13 gives independent control over the X and Y axis with individual CPI adjustments. This allows for customization to accommodate any dimension changes, from games that focus more on horizontal movements such as FPS games, or a general screen panning such as RTS games.



    Sensor: Pln 2032

    Resolution range: 100 - 5600cpi

    11 Macro-able button wireless laser mouse

    64kB dedicated on-board memory

    2.4Ghz Bluetooth

    1000Hz polling rate

    Frame rate: 11750 fps

    16 bit ultra -data path

    Wireless: 8m operating distance

    Wired: 1.8m nylon cable + gold plated USB


    1 x Armaggeddon Mouse AlienCraft G13 2.4G Wireless C.Red

    G13 laser gaming class mouse [wireless + wired]

    USB receiver [2.4GHz bluetooth]

    USB cable [1.8m nylon fabric with gold plated USB connector]

    Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery [3.7V, 1050mA]

    CD driver + macro software

    1 set additional Teflon mouse feet

    User manual

    2 years limited warranty

    Armaggeddon Mouse AlienCraft G13 2.4G Wireless C.Red