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    Armaggeddon PC Casing GiGatron T6

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    Aegis of protection: The T6 is a towering steel structure capable of withstanding extreme loads and external punishment.

    Multi-fan cooling system: The T6 has incorporated 5 active circulation fans to provide sufficient heat dissipation of components within the casing. A proper circulation system ensures the best performance of your CPU.

    Liquid-based cooling kit ready: Pre-drilled holes are layered with a protective rubber lining to support the pipes of a liquid-based cooling system. With a dedicated mount for cooling kits, upgrading is made easy with the T6.

    For hardcore builders that need space, the Gigatron T6 steps up to the challenge. The T6 is able to accommodate most motherboard and hardware dimensions, and contains a large number of drive bays and expansion slots. Its monolithic size of half a meter gives an abundance of space for builders to work with.

    To protect its inner components, the T6 is designed with a 5-fan cooling system which channels a steady air flow throughout the casing. Dual front panel fans direct the air flow into the system which is then circulated and passed through the top and back, releasing heat build-up within the case.

    For a more efficient cooling system, builders have the option to install a liquid-based cooling system which is fully supported by our pre-drilled holes, protective lining and holding brackets.


    Dimensions 202(W) x 505(H) x 500(D)mm

    Material Chassis: SECC

    Weight: 7.75kg

    Front Panel: ABS

    Drive Bay 5.25''x 4 (exposed)

    3.5''x 2 (hot swappable tray)

    2.5''x 2 (hidden)

    3.5''x 5 (hidden)

    Top HDD Docking 1 x 3.5" or 1 x 2.5"

    I/O front panel USB3.0 x 2 + HD Audio + eSATA x 1

    LED Indicator Power & HDD

    Cooling system Front: 140mm x 1 and 80mm x 1

    Rear: 120mm x 1

    Top: 120mm x 2

    Motherboard size Standard ATX /uATX

    Expansion Slot 7


    1 x Armaggeddon PC Casing GiGatron T6

    Armaggeddon PC Casing GiGatron T6