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    Bambury Microplush Bath Mats

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    No-one likes the early morning or middle of the night trip to the bathroom, particularly in winter. Your toes hop and jump on the cold hard floor as you try and get ready quickly for work, not a great start to the day!

    The microplush range of bathmats feel super soft and cosy under your feet and the micro plush means they are quick dry and have a latex backing for non-slip safety; and because we know that no bathroom is quite the same we have a range of sizes so the whole family can have happy toes!


    Woven Microfibre pile

    Supersoft Underfoot

    Quick Dry

    Latex Backing

    Range of Sizes

    Colours: Black, Grape, Kingfisher, Mocha, Paprika, Pewter, Raspberry, Snow, Stone, Walnut, Wasabi

    Giant: 60 x 100cm, Large: 50 x 80cm

    Runner: 50 x 140cm, Contour: 50 x 50cm, Shower: 42 x 65cm



    1x Microplush Bath Mat

    Bambury Microplush Bath Mats