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    Battery Expansion Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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    This case doesn’t only protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but gives it a burst of battery power when you need it most.

    When those power bars start to fade, don’t panic, just attach the battery expansion case to your Galaxy Note 4 and you will instantly get a power boost. The power pack has enough to give you a full charge with a little left over for extra browsing or music downloads.

    The battery expansion case comes with an LED indicator so you know when the case is on and charging. You can measure your current power and decide when to switch it off and save the battery back up for a later date.

    This is a case specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so it has all the button cut-outs you need and the case does not impeded performance whatsoever.

    If you love your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, protect it from dust, knocks and scratches and extend its battery life with this nifty battery expansion case.


    Protects your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from scratches and damage

    Holds and delivers up to 4200mAh of charge when needed

    LED battery level indicators

    Colours Black or White

    Cut-outs for all ports including S Pen


    1 x Battery Expansion Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Battery Expansion Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4