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    BREO Australia Mini Multi Massager

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    This nifty mini, multi massager will give you a deep kneading tissue massager wherever on your body you need it!

    The easy to use massager is waterproof, making it perfect for use on tired, stiff, aching muscles after a big day. This mini massager maybe small but it is powerful enough to work away tensions, stiffness and knots all over your body.

    Innovating in the massage market, the mini-multi massager won a Red Dot award for design.

    BREO is Australian owned, offering high quality massage accessories to bring a professional spa and relaxation techniques to your own home!


    3 x mini-sized massagers deliver muscle relief and full relaxation anywhere on your aching body

    Battery operated allows for portability so you have the freedom to relieve aches and pains anywhere

    Waterproof design makes enhances your shower, bath or Jacuzzi experience

    Work out tense knots and aches and pains after a long day

    Includes: Mini Massager, User Manual, and 6 x AAA batteries


    1 x BREO Australia Mini Multi Massager

    BREO Australia Mini Multi Massager