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    BREO Australia Professional iNeck Massager

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    If neck pain, strain and tense muscles are causing you discomfort then a deep knead Shiatsu massage is your best bet to relieve the pain and discomfort. This innovative iNeck massager kneads your neck and back with the feeling of real fingers. The nodes are specifically designed and placed to knead the neck, vertebrae and shoulders in exactly the right position, providing instant relief.

    Using Shiatsu massage techniques, the iNeck massager relieves stress and loosens knots in your neck and shoulders. No more paying for massages, you can receive the same muscle relief at home!

    BREO is Australian owned, offering high quality massage accessories to bring a professional spa and relaxation techniques to your own home!


    Kneads like real fingers

    Precisely kneads and massages the neck, neck vertebrae and shoulders

    Provides soothing relief for neck stiffness and muscular soreness

    Promotes blood circulation of neck and shoulders

    Adjust size to fit your neck with the simple dial in the middle of the massager

    Built-in lithium battery

    Portable, massage anywhere at any time without AC adaptor


    1 x BREO Australia Professional iNeck Massager

    BREO Australia Professional iNeck Massager