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    Breo iPalm Hand Massager

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    The iPalm Hand Massager is a perfect release for tense, tired, achy hands and fingers. It’s also a great stress reliever! The intelleculair air pressure massages your hands and the heating function works with your acupuncture points to bring relief and relaxation.

    Perfect for those who may suffer from RSI, who work with computers and data entry, jewellery makers and other work where your hands are your tools.

    There are 4 settings on the iPalm Hand Massager

    1. Intellectualair pressure massaging

    2. Multi rhythmic vibration massaging

    3. Heating

    4. Acupoint hand massager

    Portable and fits easily onto any desk or bench. This iPalm hand massager will have your fingers working again and relief from normal workday stresses and tension.


    LCD Display

    Air Pressure Massage

    Pressure Point Massage

    Infrared Heat Compression (Low 35C – 38C / High 39C – 42C)

    Battery or AC Adapter Powered

    Maximum Hand Size: L 10in x W 4.5in x H 2in


    1 x iPalm Hand Massager

    Breo iPalm Hand Massager