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    Charcoal Slimming Bodysuit

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    Need to get back in shape fast after having a baby? Are those kilos creeping on in the winter months? Look 10 to 20lbs thinner immediately by wearing the charcoal slimming bodysuit.

    Made from flexible, micro-fiber bamboo material the bodysuit moves with you and smooth’s out those lumps and bumps and creates a smoother, shapelier contour appearing inches smaller. Not only that the microfiber material removes odour and moisture from your body and contains over 300 mineral trace elements which are needed by the human body for general health and well being.

    The design of the bodysuit means that the only person who knows you are wearing the suit is you! Perfect for under dresses, pant suits or even casual wear. Clothes fit better and look better with the charcoal slimming bodysuit.


    The Bamboo Charcoal yarn removes odour by absorbing and dissolving bad smells such as body odor and sweat

    It eliminates 88-95% of odor and can also absorbs toxic chemicals such as sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene, phenol

    Pulls Sweat Away, Keeps Skin Dry and Comfortable Bamboo charcoal is excellent material for removing moisture

    Adjusts Humidity: When the humidity in a space becomes high, bamboo charcoal absorbs water molecules; on the other hand, it releases water molecules when it is too dry.

    Maintains warmth

    Sizes: S-M ( 62cm * 82cm waist ) and L-XL ( 72cm * 92cm waist )


    1 x Charcoal Slimming Bodysuit

    Charcoal Slimming Bodysuit