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    Digital Family Thermometer

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    This handy, digital thermometer will measure the temperature of the whole family accurately. Whether you have the flu or your child has a fever, the universal thermometer is easy to use and accurate.

    The thermometer contains no mercury or glass so it’s safe for the whole family to use and comes with a clear, easy to understand LED display.


    Easy to read, LCD display (Celsius Only).

    Beeping sound lets you know when measurement is complete.

    Quick: takes up to 60 seconds to measure body temperature.

    Can be used orally, rectally and under the armpit (remember to sanitise after every use).

    Dimension: 130*18*10mm (LxWxH)

    Battery Included


    Colour: White

    Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C

    Very sensitive device, quick 1 minute to obtain results.

    Automatic shut-off

    Memory function

    Measuring range: 32.0-42.0°

    Power by one 1.55V button size battery

    Note: This unit can ONLY displays temperature in degree Celsius (°C) ... NO Fahrenheit (°F)


    1 x Digital Family Thermometer

    1 x Storage Case

    1 x User Manual

    Digital Family Thermometer