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    Dust-free Drywall Sander with Extension Tube

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    This is a new sanding system for drywall, plaster, and other wall and ceiling materials, which allows you to finish sanding your wall or ceilings quickly! Using a conventional sander can be very messy as it creates a lot of dust. With this i.Force Drywall Sander, clean up time is reduced by an external vacuum, and it gives fantastic finishing results. The weight of i.Force Drywall Sander is only 5kgs, which is easy to operate and carry around. The length of the sander is extendable, all you need to do is to adjust the length of telescopic aluminium tube. The overall length is 1.6m; thus you can sand 2.3m high ceilings without using stilts or a scaffold. You will find the extensibility of our great product very handy which similar products from other sellers cannot provide you! The unique articulating sanding head swivels 90 to 180 degrees to conform with the wall or ceiling, so that the operator can sand the top, middle and bottom of a wall or ceiling joint without changing position. Variable speeds of 1000 to 2000 RPM adapt sanding pad speed to the application for better control.i.Force Drywall Sander comes with standard equipment, including 6 abrasive pads, vacuum hose, hose connector, screw driver and replacement carbon brush. You can also try the i.Force commercial vacuum cleaner to achieve the best result! Buy it now and don't pay more for lower grade items without extension!


    Dust-free Drywall Sander

    Attachable Vacuum Cleaner

    Variable Speed Control (1000- 2000 RPM)

    Adjustable Length with extension tube (1.1m - 1.6m approx.)

    Adjustable 90~180 Degree Sanding Head

    Faster and Less Fatiguing than Conventional Finishing Methods

    Brush-type Skirt to Prevent Scratching

    Lightweight, only 5 Kg (net weight)

    6x Vacro-type Abrasive Pads (80/100/120/150/180/240grit)

    1x Screw Driver

    GS, RoHS, EMC and CE Approved

    Disc Diameter: 225mm

    Voltage: 240V, 50 Hz

    Power: 600W

    Speed: 1000-2000 RPM

    Extensible Aluminium Pipe Length: 0.5m

    Hose Length: 1m

    Sander Length(Extensible 1.1m-1.6m (approx.)

    Net Weight: 5 kg

    Gross Weight: 7.5kg

    Package Dimension: 114 X 28 X 31.5 cm


    1 x Dust-free Drywall Sander with Extension Tube

    1 x Drywall Sander

    1 x Hose with Adapter

    1 x Two-Functions Screw Driver

    1 x Replacement Carbon Brushes Set

    1 x User Manual

    Dust-free Drywall Sander with Extension Tube