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    Earwax Remover

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    Wax build up can cause discomfort, loss of hearing and grimaces from people who spot the wax factory building up in your ears!

    The Earwax remover is a safe way to remove wax build up without harming the inner ear. Cotton bud can damage your eardrums or push wax further into the ear canal. The Earwax Remover has a gentle, yet powerful vacuum suction, which removes wax easily and safely. The cordless device is easy to use and perfect for regular use by tradies and those that work in dusty, dirty environments.


    Colour: White

    Cordless Design

    Battery Operated

    Gentle yet powerful vacuum suction

    Washable material

    Material: ABS

    Net Weight: 125g

    Item Size: Length 13.2 x Width 10 x Height 5.5cm

    Batteries: 2 x AA

    Do not put too deep inside ear

    More useful for people with dry ear

    Recommended age group for children: 3 and up 


    Fill in 2xAA batteries

    Put on the nozzle

    Switch on and put it in the ear


    1 x Ear Cleaner

    8 x Soft Tube

    1 x Brush

    Earwax Remover