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    Expandable Garden Hose

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    The Expandable Garden Hose is the incredible, best-selling, super-strong, durable and ultra-lightweight expandable hose.

    Avoid tugging, tangling and struggling with your garden hose and remove those annoying kinks, which block the flow of water.

    The hose automatically expands up to 3 times its length (50ft) when filled with water. Turn off the water and as the water drains away, the hose contracts back to its original size. Magic!

    It's lightweight, compact and expandable with a powerful spray and kink-free design

    Effortlessly guide your hose where you want it to go and make garden chores fun again. Made from a tough multi layered, durable, super strong webbing the auto expandable hose is built to last.

    The only hose you need in your garden.


    Innovative 2 layer design

    Expands up to 50ft with handle

    Hose Nozzle is included

    Net weight: 437g

    Length: 5.7m

    Colour: Green

    Note: Put the hose straight when using, do not use while it's folded & piled as it's easy to break.


    1 x Expandable Garden Hose

    Expandable Garden Hose