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    Forearm Wrist Grip Strength Roller

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    Get the sculpted forearms you want with this fantastic strength roller exercise bar!

    By spending a mere few minutes a day using our roller exercise bar with your weights, you’ll quickly strengthen your forearms and increase muscle density. You will see even greater results as you build endurance and are able to add more and more weights to your routine.

    It’s easy to forget some muscle groups like the wrists but our exercise bar won’t let you. Our strength roller exercise bar focuses on all muscle groups – from your wrists to your forearms. By rolling the weight up toward the handle, you will maximize your weightlifting workout. It’ll be worth the effort when you see your toned arms and increased muscle size.

    Make your weight lifting workout really count. Add our incredible exercise bar to every session.


    Strong and durable

    Made to last

    Foam padded for comfort

    Grip handles for safety

    Easily add and adjust weights

    Compatible with both standard and Olympic weights

    Chromed metal construction

    Product dimensions (L x W x H):

    Handle: 38 x 6 x 6  (approximately)

    Attachment: 18 x 6 x 6 (approximately)

    Package dimensions (L x W x H): 42 x 7 x 7cm (approximately)

    Package weight: 1kg (approximately)


    1 x Forearm Wrist Grip Strength Roller

    Forearm Wrist Grip Strength Roller