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    Freestanding 37kg Punching Bag

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    Ready for a heavy-duty workout in the garage, outdoors, or anywhere else you need it? Welcome to the Freestanding Punch Bag Stand. The name says it all. This stand can be set up anywhere. You'll enjoy a great workout which will build strength and agility for boxers, martial artists, or anyone else.

    The punch bag stand features dimensions of 218 x 165 x 165cm (H x D x W). It features an all-steel frame for exceptional durability and stability. Assembly is straightforward, and everything you need is included.

    The stand wouldn't be complete without the bag! This bag is crafted with a high-quality and thick PU leather. The chain apparatus features four heavyweight welded chains with triangle swivels, along with a galvanised finish zippered top. Inside, only shredded textile cuttings are used, a material which allows the bag to always return to its original shape and absorb plenty of impacts. The bag weighs approximately 37kg and measures 115cm long by 38cm wide.

    The punching bag is a gym classic, and now you can have a gym-quality workout anywhere you like with the Freestanding Punch Bag Stand.


    Perfect for martial arts, boxing, and kicking/punching workouts

    Dimensions of 218 x 165 x 165cm (H x D x W)

    Designed to hold punching bags up to 37kg

    Durable all-steel frame

    Carton dimensions: 156 x 59 x 12cm

    Weight: approximately 37kg

    Made from a high-quality thick PU leather

    Colour: black

    Dimensions: 115 x 38cm

    Four heavyweight chains and swivels are included

    Carton dimensions: 118 x 40 x 40cm


    1 x Freestanding 37kg Punching Bag

    Freestanding 37kg Punching Bag