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    Giantz 66CC Petrol Chainsaw with Carry Bag and Safety Set

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    Featuring a powerful and efficient 66CC chainsaw with a set of 24” robust bar and chain, the Giantz 66CC Chainsaw is perfect for cutting trunks and large branches. With balanced weight distribution design and double recoil combined system, the chainsaw is very easy to operate and with a short start-up time. Integrated with an air injection carburettor which not only adds power to the chainsaw, but also provides an alternative option for users to select the 'anti-freeze' mode to ensure the engine works smoothly under the cold weather (0~5°C). Comes with an automatic braking system, which can also be manually operated, to stop saw chain rotation upon occurrence of kickback during operation for extra safety.

    Note: Extra safety gear such as safety boots, helmet and protective clothing do not come with the purchase of this item.


    Robust65Mn steel chain for excellent wear-resistance

    Equipped with 24” robust bar & chain

    Heavy duty sprocket nose for smooth operation

    Auto-throttle locking design prevents choking

    Unique double recoil pull system for easy start-up

    Balanced weight distribution for easy operation

    Carburettor antifreeze mechanism

    Low kickback semi-chisel chains

    Comes with a carry bag for easy storage & transportation

    Comes with a protective chain cover and a set of safety kit

    Engine: 2-stroke

    Displacement: 66cc

    Maximum engine speed: 13,000RPM

    Maximum power: 2800W

    Ignition type: CDI

    Fuel tank capacity: 550ml

    Oil tank capacity: 260ml

    Chain type: Low kickback premium semi-chisel

    24" chain: 0.325" pitch, 0.058" gauge, 94 drive links

    Guide bar type: Sprocket nose

    Bar length: 24”(700mm)

    Bar oil type: SAE#10W-30

    Type of engine oil / fuel mixture : 2 stroke oil / 25:1 / 25 part fuel mix with 1 part oil

    Weight: 9.0kg


    1x Giantz 66CC Chainsaw

    1 x Set 24" Bar & Chain

    1 x Set Safety Kit

    1 x Chain Cover

    1 x Carry Bag

    1 x User Manual

    Giantz 66CC Petrol Chainsaw with Carry Bag and Safety Set