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    Gym Rings Hoop

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    Ready for a new way to get an incredible workout? Try the Gym Hoops. Traditional exercises like the dip, chin-up and pull-up are taken to a new level when performed with a pair of gym hoops.

    Two gym hoops come with adjustable nylon straps which can be hung around building features, etc. Exercising with gym hoops will result in gains in upper body strength that you won't believe. You'll increase your overall core strength and even improve your posture. It's also a more fluid movement that will reduce wear and strain on your joints.

    And don't think gym hoops are reserved for gymnasts only. Everyone from beginners to expert athletes can benefit from doing a portion of their workout regimen with gym hoops.

    Try the Gym Hoops out for yourself, and chances are you'll become a believer!


    2 x Gym Hoops

    Take your traditional routine to a new level

    Increase upper body and core strength and improve posture

    Gym hoops also reduce joint strain

    Included nylon straps are easy to adjust and mount

    Strap Length: 4.3m

    Ring Diameter: 24cm


    1 x Gym Rings Hoop

    Gym Rings Hoop