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    Handbag Organiser

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    The handbag organiser is perfect for any woman who changes her bag to match her outfit. Not only do the 13 pockets keep everything neat and tidy and easy to find in your bag, you can just remove the whole organiser and pop it into a different handbag and you are ready to go!

    The handbag organiser is 29cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 10cm (D), which will fit most handbags. The 13 pockets in various sizes allow you to store your wallet, lipstick, name card holder, hand lotion, USB drive and even has a handy clip for your keys!

    Buy one for yourself, one for mum and one for your friends and never worry about a lost keys or searching for your mobile phone in your bag again!


    Sized 29cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 10cm (D)

    Features 13 pockets in various sizes and a handy key clip

    Colours - Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple


    1 x Handbag Organiser

    Handbag Organiser