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    Home Theatre Monitor Speaker Stand

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    The professional adjustable speaker stand allows you to put speakers on a lower level and crank it up. You can now save the hassle lifting your speakers above your head. The stand comes 5 levels of height adjustments. The stand is made of good quality steel to make sure your speakers will not tip over. The plate has padding for your speaker for extra protection. The base can incorporate 3 spikes or 3 rubber pads which are included in the package. You can put on the rubber pads for Hardwood floors or spikes for carpet to protect the floor and produce the best sound. The stand is perfect for DJs, bands and music performers. With the black finish, the monitor stands will blend it impeccably with your onstage gear.


    Professional monitor speaker stand

    Height adjustment

    Padding on plate

    Strong steel construction

    Non-slip feet

    3 spikes or 3 rubber pads included for floor protection and better sound (each stand)

    Folded dimensions: 44 x 67cm

    Plate dimensions: 22.7 x 23.8cm

    Max loading capacity: 50kg

    Height: 67-117cm

    Colour: Black


    1x Home Theatre Monitor Speaker Stand

    Home Theatre Monitor Speaker Stand