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    iPet Puppy Pet Dog Toilet Training Pads

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    Puppy training pads can be your best friend when it comes to toilet training your pup. These iPet Puppy Pet Dog Toilet Training Pads will help to minimise accidents in your house.

    These super absorbent training pads feature a high quality non-woven fabric which keeps the top layer clean and dry making it soft and comfortable for your pup. The absorbent layer is composed of pulp, coated by tissue paper and super absorbent polymer providing maximum absorption. Where the bottom layer is a high quality PE film, it prevents leakage and helps to keep your home clean at all times. Moreover, with the built-in attractant scent, it will encourage your pup to use it. Poopee puppy training pads have a total weight of 50g, furthermore assuring its absorbability. In other words, the heavier the training pad, the more effective the absorptive will be.

    With 6 layers of protection, you can use these training pads to train your pup without worry. Make toilet training easier for you and your pup. Buy iPet Puppy Pet Dog Toilet Training Pads today!


    High quality soft non-woven fabric

    6 layers of protection

    Antibacterial protection

    Tear resistant covers

    Super absorbent tissue

    Leak proof plastic liner anti-leakage PE film

    Neutralises odours

    Scented to attract pets

    Easy to dispose off

    Consists 3g of super absorbent polymer (imported from Japan)

    Import fluff from USA


    1, 2, or 4 Boxes (50 Pads per box) iPet Puppy Pet Dog Toilet Training Pads

    iPet Puppy Pet Dog Toilet Training Pads