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    Kitchen Scrap Trap

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    Catch all those peelings, stalks, crumbs and mess, which make their way onto your clean kitchen floor with the Kitchen Scrap Trap! Simply hook over any kitchen cupboard door or drawer when you are preparing food and simply slide or wipe the scraps into the trap. Easy!

    You can then dispose of the scraps easily with no meson your kitchen floor, or start your own compost heap!


    Dispose of kitchen waste without getting your hands dirty

    Keep your preparation area clean without constant trips to the bin

    Carry scraps in bulk to your bin, compost or in-sink garbage disposal

    Holds over 1kg of scraps

    Top hook fits securely over cupboard doors and drawers up to 21mm thick

    Separate swiping paddle to keep your hands clean during cleanup

    Includes front pocket to hold scrap swiper paddle

    Tough ABS plastic to handle bumps and spills

    Outer dimensions: 29 x 16 x 11 cm

    Paddle dimensions: 12 x 8.5cm

    Colours: Blue, Pink, Green


    1 x Kitchen Scrap Trap

    Kitchen Scrap Trap