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    Ladies Travel Pack

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    Set off on holiday knowing that everything is organized with the Ladies Travel Organizer Pack. This three piece pack includes an Underwear Organizer, Jewellery Organizer and Cosmetics Pouch and is sure to make your next trip stress free.

    Perfect for ladies that have too many bits and bobs, this Travel Organizer Pack helps you keep track of all those little things. Organized and easily find your intimates, jewellery and cosmetics with this three piece travel pack and leave home with peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten anything. Great for short holidays and overseas travel, this pack is essential for every traveler!

    Underwear Organizer

    If you are constantly coming up one sock short or can’t find the underwear you’re looking for, then it is time to get your intimates in order. With the Travel Underwear Organizer you can keep all of your underwear neat, orderly and in a special place. Great for underwear, bras, socks, bathers and even baby accessories and nappies, this handy organizer fits into your luggage when traveling or into the pram if you’re going out for the day!

    The organizer features multiple pockets that are designed to fit a range of essential travel undergarments — meaning your bras getting won’t get twisted and tangled, and swimsuits can be stored separately without getting other clothes wet in the special waterproof pouch. Designed in size to fit easily into your luggage or bag, you’ll no longer have a meltdown when trying to search for something in your suitcase!

    Jewellery Organizer

    With three small compartments for your favourite pieces, these travel rolls are the perfect companion for you next holiday or business trip. With space for your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, you’ll never return back from a trip with half of the jewellery pieces that you left with.

    Button closed for safe storage, these handy cases fit in your suitcase, weekend bag or even your handbag. Their compact design is the best way to transport your favourite pieces. A rigid outer case is safe from crushing and breakage.

    Cosmetics Pouch

    Doubled sided, these accessories help you keep organized. Whether you’re separating your jewellery from your foundation and lip gloss collection or just trying to add some order to the make-up bomb of chaos that many women face every morning when opening their make-up bag – these pouches are just the ticket.

    Specifically designed slots and pouches make holding brushes, rings, necklaces, nail varnish pots and much, much more a cinch. Plus it’ll keep them in pristine condition as they’re not knocking around next to each other in the bottom of the bag. Protected and compartmentalized, your beauty routine will be made a whole lot simpler and faster.


    Be organized abroad with the Ladies Travel Organizer Pack

    Includes three pieces!

    Neatly organize your underwear, jewellery and cosmetics

    Underwear Organizer

    Multiple pockets for undergarments

    Designed to be placed in luggage and suitcases

    Store your underwear, socks, bras, bathers and more!

    Includes waterproof pouch for wet bathers

    Colours: green, blue, pink, sky blue

    Size: 260 x 130 x 120 mm

    Weight: 140g

    Jewellery Organizer

    Store all of your jewellery pieces in the holders' 3 compartments

    Easy to find in your suitcase

    Keep your pieces safe from damage and loss

    Store earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more

    Button close for safe storage

    Compact design

    Colours: coffee, light pink, pink, purple, red

    Size: 7.5cm x 13cm

    Cosmetics Pouch

    Double-sided organizer for your cosmetics

    Specifically designed slots and plastic cover will protect your make up brushes

    Unique design holds all kinds of accessories that include hairpins, make up and more

    Material: polyester, leather, suede

    Colours: purple, pink, coffee, green

    Size: 95 x 190 x 60mm


    1 x Underwear Organizer

    1 x Travel Jewellery Organizer

    1 x Cosmetics Pouch

    Ladies Travel Pack