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    LED Helicopter Shooters 5 Pack

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    Bring out your inner child or share the toys you loved as a kid with a new twist! This 5 pack of LED Helicopter shooters light up the night sky with the flick of an elastic band!

    Once the helicopter shooter reaches maximum height the blades will open before spinning gracefully to the ground! A great, fun, safe show for kids at night, far more safer and much more fun than fire crackers and sparklers. A perfect gift or toy for sleepovers, birthdays, parties etc.


    Material: ABS + Rubber

    Weight: 10g

    Colour Led: Blue

    Size: 18x5.5x1cm(L*W*H)

    Batteries Included (3 x AG3)

    Suitable for 16 years old and over

    WARNING: This product involves firing a projectile from a slingshot like device. The LED copters can reach high velocities and must NEVER be aimed or fired at or near anything other than empty sky. When firing, the slingshot should be held away from the body and head at a full arms length to lessen the potential for injury in the case of failure of the elastic band or other part of the device.

    This product should only be used by persons over 16, with the close supervision of a responsible adult. If children under 16 wish to be involved with the product, we recommend that a responsible adult has the children stand well back and the adult fires the device into the air, allowing the younger children to catch or retrieve the shooter as it returns to earth and then returns it back to the responsible adult.


    Safety instruction: dont shoot on other people's face.

    Get rid of electric wire.

    Do no shoot into water, the electronics is not waterproof & not replaceable.


    1 x LED Helicopter Shooters 5 Pack

    LED Helicopter Shooters 5 Pack

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