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    Led Solar Camping Lantern Lights

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    Solar Power or USB: Can be charged directly from the sun as well as via the micro USB port, depending on what you have access to at that moment

    Transformer: Portable, Foldable and Durable, this lantern can be adjusted to any particular space to fit your current needs. Shorter than iPhone 6 plus, it can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack

    Three Lighting Modes: You can chose one of three lighting modes: High, Low or SOS blinking for any outdoor recreation or emergency

    Smart Protection Chip: Protects your lantern from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuit, guarantees safety in utilization

    Versatility: Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, fishing, or a lighting source for late-at-night porch readings

    CE, ROHS & IPx67 Certified

    Brightness: Low Light - 12 hours, High Light - 5 hours

    Charging Time: USB - 3-5 hours, Solar Panel - 5 - 25 hours depending on the sun light

    Dimensions: 10 x 16.7 cm (Dia x H)

    Weight: 205 g

    Material: ABS, Silicone

    Colour: Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, White


    1 x Led Solar Camping Lantern Lights

    Led Solar Camping Lantern Lights