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    Leg Stretcher for Martial Arts

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    Ready to take that next step for your physical fitness regimen, martial arts, yoga and more? Your answer is the Leg Stretching Machine. Designed to deliver the ultimate stretch for the extra leg flexibility you've been looking for — in as little as 10 minutes a day! — this durable machine gives you a thorough but comfortable workout.

    The concept is simple. You go at your pace, and you control the angle of stretch. To stretch yourself a little further, a convenient handle allows you to push yourself forward as well as sideways. Plus, a latch design allows you to slowly achieve your maximum stretch. Over 180 degrees of stretch is possible! Both the backrest and leg extensions are padded to provide comfort while stretching, and the entire unit can be easily collapsed to store under a bed or inside a closet.

    Extremely durable construction features an all-steel tubular design and a 150kg maximum weight limit. This machine will serve you well for years to come.

    Got 10 minutes a day? Then you've got more flexibility and better health courtesy of the Leg Stretching Machine.


    Slowly and safely build leg flexibility at your own pace

    Provides stretch of over 180 degrees

    Latch for slowly building to and then maintaining maximum stretch

    Durable all-steel tubular construction

    Comfort padding for backrest and leg extensions

    Wheeled legs for easier transportation

    Collapses compactly for storage

    Maximum weight limit: 150 kg

    Assembly required; instructions included


    1 x Leg Stretcher for Martial Arts

    Leg Stretcher for Martial Arts