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    Mini Digital Pocket Scale

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    Unique handheld design

    Large LCD with blue backlight display

    With a protective cover

    With a stainless tray

    Tare function

    Auto shutoff

    Suitable for measuring supplements like jewellery, diamonds

    Can be used at home or in the laboratory

    Powered by two AAA batteries (included)


    Unit: g, gn, ct, dwt, oz,ozt

    Colour: Silver

    Accuracy: 0.001g

    Capacity: 30g max

    Auto off: 3minutes

    Size: 10x9x3cm


    Place scale on a horizontal flat surface, press ON/OFF button switch on

    Wait until “0.000” is displayed

    Put the object on the weighing tray

    Automatically switch off after 3 minutes or press ON/OFF key when display ‘’zero” to switch off

    Tare Weighing:

    Turn on scale as described above

    Place the “tare item” on the tray

    Please TARE and wait until “zero” and “0.000” is displayed

    Add the “net-weight-item”

    Calibration Process:

    Turn the scale on and when it shows 0.000, press and hold ON for a couple of seconds until ZERO is displayed. When it starts flashing 10.000, put the weight on the scales. When it stops flashing after a couple of seconds and shows the weight, and you can take the weight off


    1x Mini Digital Pocket Scale

    1x Calibration(10g)

    1x Tweezer

    1x Tray

    1x Pouch Cover

    2x AAA Battery

    1x Box

    Mini Digital Pocket Scale