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    Mouth Guard - 5 Set

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    The essential mouth guard for extreme sports including boxing, MMA, NHB crossfit and junior and adult rugby!

    This revolutionary clear gel polymer mouth shield features integrated breathing channels that allow for open airways. This innovative mouth guard is constructed with a dual density semi-rigid exoskeletal frame and features rear acrylic gel molar cushions for comfort and safety. The soft acrylic gel provides a tight fit for upper and lower teeth.

    The outer shell is designed to reduce injuries to the jaw caused by front and side impacts and the vertical wall is prevent tooth and jaw injuries. The dual density soft contour construction surround the upper and lower teeth which allows the lower jaw to remain locked into a safe position that can reduce injuries.

    While providing protection is our main goal, our mouth shield helps increase your effectiveness on the field or in the ring. The integrated breathing channels provide an open airway that will increase endurance and stamina. Designed to balance the jaw, this must-have mouth shield will enhance your strength, speed and flexibility.

    Our mouth guard is made from high-impact and easily mouldable material that contains the essential properties for a superior mouth protector. Each mouth guard comes with an anti-bacterial protective case for safe and hygienic storage.


    One size fits all

    Clear gel polymer exoskeletal frame

    Integrated breathing channels

    Soft acrylic gel fit liner

    One size fits all

    Anti-bacterial case included


    1 x Mouth Guard - 5 Set

    Mouth Guard - 5 Set