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    Multifunctional Wine Opener and Preserver

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    This latest innovative wine opener uses air pressure to slide the cork out of the bottle, avoiding any breakage of your cork during removal or damage the wine cork like convention wine openers. The wine preserver function will pump out the air from the opened wine bottle and a can effectively slow down the wine oxidation. The unique designed wine stopper has a useful vacuum indicator, to ensure that the wine bottle is definitely in vacuum state and hence ensures no oxidation.


    Bottle Opener Instructions:

    Use the foil cuter to cut the foil cover

    Install the needle according to the manual

    Stick the needle in the middle of the cork

    Pump air into the bottle by moving the handle up and down until the cork pops of the bottle

    Wine Preserver Instructions:

    Use the wine stopper the seal the opened wine bottle

    Remove the top cover of the pump, then put it upright on the stopper

    Pump out the air out of the bottle until the yellow part of the valve is sucked in to the stopper.

    Remove pump and keep the stopper in the bottle to seal it.


    1 x Multifunctional Wine Opener and Preserver

    Multifunctional Wine Opener and Preserver