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    Nougat Limar Bar 300g

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    Looking for a sweet snack to beat those 3pm or evening cravings, but don’t want to ruin all the hard work you put in at the gym? Then tuck into some delicious soft nougat!

    This delightful nougat bar is gluten free, high in energy and great to nibble on before or after a big gym session. Containing less than 2% saturated fat these soft nougat bars have flavours, which taste decadent but can be eaten relatively guilt free, as each bar contains at least 33% nuts which is a great source of protein!

    The hardest decision will be deciding which of the six exciting flavours is your favourite!

    NOTE: If you choose the 2 Bars or 5 Bars dropdown option, kindly put a note on the checkout page as to which flavours you would prefer.


    Cream Soft

    French style nougat

    Gluten free

    Less than 2% saturated fat

    Single Flavours - 300 grams


    1 x Nougat Bar 300g

    Nougat Limar Bar 300g