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    Orgasmotron Head Massager

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    The Orgasmotron is a therapeutic head massager which stimulates blood circulation and relieves stress, tension and headaches.

    The weightless fingers arching off the central spindle are designed to be moved slowly across the skin, stimulating all the tine nerve endings and releasing endorphins in the process to leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

    The Orgasmotron triggers a tingling sensation which relaxes muscles, providing localised pain relief and a general feeling of heavenly well-being. It can even help stimulate hair growth.

    The many fingers of the Orgasmotron head massager are made of 100% copper which make them incredibly flexible, allowing the head massager to mould and massage any head or neck.

    Save money on massages and give yourself and Orgasmotron in the privacy of your own home!


    Material: Stainless steel Control handle and legs with copper & aluminium tips

    Usage: Massager for head and joints (elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle)

    Packaging: PVC tube

    Measurements: Weight approximately 110 grams and approximately 300 x 140 x 25mm (when packaged)

    Colour: Blue, Red, Silver, Golden, Purple


    1 x Orgasmotron in PVC Tube

    Orgasmotron Head Massager