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    Outdoor LED Solar Power Lights

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    These outdoor solar powered lights are great to clip on your gutters so you don’t have to feel your way down the dark side of the house or garage at night. Goodbye face full of cobwebs!

    A great safety light for stairways, boats, campervans, caravans, industrial units and holiday homes. Anywhere that needs a little extra light for safety. The lights give off a bright light and are compact so won’t look ugly wherever you clip them. The solar power means no high electricity bills and also means you can get light when you need. Perfect for camping or those bush camp outs!

    The detachable solar light head can also be used as a portable flashlight in case of emergencies.


    Universal clip

    Long lasting solar power

    Lightweight and waterproof

    Bright and compact

    Voltage & Watt: 2V 0.2W

    LED and Lumens: 3 LEDs, 36 Lumens

    Dimensions: 5in X 5in

    Weight: 6.7oz

    Charges during the day with natural light

    Light Life: 6~8 hours throughout the night

    It takes 4.5 hours to fully recharge this item

    Full recharge time: 4.5hours

    Material: ABS + Metal clip

    Voltage & Watt: 0.2W

    Size: Max diameter 12cm * Height 6.3cm

    Max Width for Clip: 1.2cm

    On/Off Switch


    1 x Outdoor LED Solar Powered Lights

    Outdoor LED Solar Power Lights