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    Portable Tyre Inflator

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    Keep this little gadget in the Car for those long road trips and ensure your tyres are always at the correct pressure. Perfect for cars, bikes, sports balls and more!

    We all hate the feeling of being stranded with a flat tyre! Inflate a flatty quickly and easily to get you to nearby safety with this portable tyre inflator.

    Made from long lasting plastic and metal, this nifty little gadget can inflate a standard car tyre in as little as five minutes and is powered via your car's cigarette lighter socket.

    Included are three nozzle adapters and a pressure gauge, making it perfect for inflating small items like beach balls, bike tyres, pool floaters and anything else that needs a bit of air!


    Made from durable plastic

    Cigarette lighter charger

    Three nozzle adaptors

    Material: Plastic + Metal

    Spec: Diameter 17.5cm * Height 6.5CM * Inflating Cable 50CM

    Charging Cable: 240CM

    Net Weight: 800g


    1 x Portable Tyre Inflator

    Portable Tyre Inflator