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    Pure Rain Shower Head

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    Pure Rain Shower Head

    Pure Rain is the world’s first patented water purification shower head. The shower head generates 421,000 negative ions/cc with its Patented shower plate. That is almost 10 times more than the Niagara falls. Special micro filter cartridge is used to filter contaminants from the shower water. The shower housing is made with high quality transparent polycarbonate so the user can see when to replace the cartridge. Innovative convex stainless steel shower plate sprays the water wide enough to give you full coverage.

    This item comes as it is, in a Full set, or in a Prestige set.

    Refill filter and Microfilter also available

    Full set includes: 1x Pure Rain Shower Head, 1x Drill-Free Bracket (Brass) and Brass Flexible Hose (1.5m)

    Pure Rain Full Set has 1 handheld shower head and the Prestige has an overhead rain shower head plus a hand held shower head. Please make sure that the distance between your shower outlet and the ceiling is more than 40cm


    1 x Pure Rain Shower Head

    Pure Rain Shower Head