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    Rocky Road Mega Bars 300g

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    An Australian classic like Rocky Road needs no introduction, the milky chocolate, teamed with sweet treats like marshmallows, biscuit, ginger, jellies or peanuts means there is a taste sensation with every gooey bite.

    So when the muesli bars just aren’t cutting it you need to get into a Rocky Road Mega Bar! Perfect to share (or not) when watching a good movie, or with friends and family, these delicious and huge 300gram logs of sweet, tasty, chocolatey goodness will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth

    Surrender and let your tastebuds decide the flavour, or order a couple for gifts, for a family treat or to enjoy on your own with a good book!

    Cookies and Cream

    Whoever invented the combination of cookies and cream deserves a medal. White chocolate, covering fluffy white marshmallows and full of crunch chocolate biscuit pieces.


    Refreshing, crispy mint strips sprinkled over milk dark chocolate and soft marshmallow. Perfect after dinner treat


    Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with the original! Milk chocolate covering soft fluffy marshmallows, raspberry jellies and crunchy peanut.


    How can such a tasty treat come from bees! A twist on a classic, with milk chocolate smothering honeycomb and soft marshmallow.

    Australian Ginger

    Keep it patriotic with juicy pieces of Australian ginger wrapped up in fluffy marshmallow and dark chocolate.

    White Chocolate

    If you like your chocolate to have a minimalist look with extra flavour choose this white chocolate mega bar with coconut and rice crisps.


    Flavours: Cookies & Cream Rocky Road, Mint Rocky Road, Original Rocky Road, Honeycomb Rocky Road, Australian Ginger Rocky Road, White Chocolate Rocky Road

    May contain Soy, nuts

    300gram packaged weight


    1 x Rocky Road Mega Bar

    Rocky Road Mega Bars 300g