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    Roll Up Storage Bag

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    Increase your storage space

    Perfect for storing kinds of items, such as quilts, blankets, clothing, cushions, pillows

    Quite easy to use seal zip slider creates an airtight & waterproof seal

    Our storage bags are made from high quality materials specified for long term use.

    Suitable for travel and home storage

    Anti-pest, Anti-mildew, Waterproof

    No vacuum needed


    Small: 40x50cm

    Medium: 50x70cm

    Warm Note:

    1. Clothes should be clean and dry before put into the vacuum storage space saving bags. Avoid the use of feathers products.

    2. Please avoid the heat and fire.

    3. Do not directly contact these bags with needles, nails and other hard objects in case of any damage.

    4. Do not put food, animal into the bag Vacuum Space saving bags.

    5. When closing the zipper, you should slowly pull from one end of the vacuum storage bag to the other end. Repeat 2 or 3 times to ensure a tight seal.


    Set of 3,4, or 6 Roll Up Storage Bags

    Roll Up Storage Bag