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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Case

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    This Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Case enables you to more than double the battery life of your Galaxy S5. With an extra 3200mAh, the Galaxy power case can provide an extra 675 hours of standby time and 25 hours of talk time!

    You can chat, browse, text, snap and send whenever you like! You also have peace of mind knowing that battery life will be there when you need it most, which is ideal for lone women travellers and long car journeys.

    Just charge up the power case and once the battery of your phone is in the red, press the power button when the reserved charge in the power case will start to transfer to your phone.

    No more arrrrghhh! moments when you see the spinning dial of dying battery life!


    Built-in 3200mAh battery backup

    Lithium ion polymer battery

    Protective case

    Data sync in-case

    Pop-out kickstand

    Sound chamber design

    Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S5

    Colours: Black & White

    Choose with or without cover

    Input: 5V 1000mA

    Output: 5V 1000mA

    Working temperature: 0 degree celsius – 45 degree celsius

    The electric core capacity: 3800mAh

    Stock/transport temperature: -20C - +50C

    Cycle life more than 500 times

    Rate of Charge: 4 hours

    Intelligent IC can effectively avoid short circuit

    Product Size: 150 x 73.5 x 16.8 (mm)


    1 x Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Case

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Case